Werner Klompen artgenerator

30 YEARS : Burning ignorant Lovingly blind creative may I inform you that I now already more than 30 years graduated from the kunstakademie, and meanwhile have to amaze me even though this is an event for which I've been must be ready. All the obvious signs to guide the way, fill-in forms and statements, especially those big big world has brought me from. To continue. Something for other perfectly normal is if they know me for me something I'm not more can come from. My time robs, my everyday thinking influenced elements, isoleers, stuff on its head portrait, seen in some. The absurdity, the aimlessly about and being printed and lined traffic speeds making line to a stop sign. Shooting from dark to light developed the clarity that the underlying moves. The truth of impermanence, rithme, bloom of a flower in the unnecessary of the abundance. Sow seed.