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contents: organic, mysticism, transience, spontaneous, chance and originality. Assuming that beauty is the shape of things is supposed to be. maybe even so that the shape is more important than the content or functionality. Beauty our experience in our daily lives can ointments. Art can distract us from the daily concerns. Art allows for interaction in culture and promoted own being, identity, portrait experience. Love not as ugly things that function. Be beautiful things that do not function. Material use of disposable items to toys, paint, blacklight, found or purchased items. Further substantive topics are related to life. As it is

  1. Werner artgenerator is trying to generate, transform Clogs alias art in motion links and meanwhile still things to make themselves who, on the basis of change Foundation. He is lost in the inspiration of the creativity the experiment; looking for beauty is there a variety originated in method expression and visual language. This keeps it exciting and challenging. On the border of contemporary art. Might be all in two feet into those of the future. Its roots, however, comes from the time of the new wild eighties which is very clear in his work recognizable remains. Use material or discipline no matter He tackles spontaneously in any matter when the lust, the desire the challenge calls. Conversions and subconscious visual are busy as a spectator of own creations with the spindle thread on border move of to be or not to be. Painting as the reality itself sees with all abstraction but especially driven artist in heart and soul. Enkelle exhibition to which he has allowed to participate are: Kulturstadt Ruhr 2010, Art take Times Square-New York, power-my museum Beringen. special highlight 2014 visit Andre Sahu of Artist in the world in his Studio.

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education : Staatliche kunstakademie Dusseldorf & hogeschool voor beeldende kunsten Utrecht

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